Stop asking for permission.

Sometimes I meet with clients, and I can see that they are doing exactly what I used to do (and still want to do sometimes – we’re all human, after all). They are seeking permission to do what it is they know, in their hearts, they need to do.

They ask their friends if it’s okay to quit their jobs. They ask their parents what they think of them moving across country. They regularly do surveys of those near and dear to them to figure out what it is they should do.

Sometimes our intuition tells us to do something scary, like quit our job or move away or leave our spouse. “I don’t like this message!” your brain says. “Too scary.” So you begin polling the peanut gallery to see if you can come up with a better option.

Listen up, friends. There is no better option than what your intuition is telling you to do. Your intuition really is your divinity speaking through you. It’s the part of you that is one with God/Spirit/the Universe.

It’s a real smartypants.

When we poll our friends, either asking them their opinions or telling them what we are thinking of doing, we are often either a) asking them for permission to follow our own hearts or b) wanting someone to convince us that what we know is true, actually, isn’t.

And, because you’re a smart cookie, you may be approaching particular people because you know what they are going to tell you. You already know they are going to nay say or tell you to be logical or guilt you into doing something that makes them feel comfortable.

Because you might actually want to stop yourself.

Instead of continuing to take polls, consider keeping your lid shut for a while. Consider your intuition to be your best friend, as it is never going to lie to you because of its own fears or personal agenda, and it promotes the truth simply because it’s, well, the truth.

Everyone else has their own agenda. We love other people, and we try to love other people, but if someone is telling you not to follow your intuition, they are telling you to choose fear. They are using you to support their version of how the world works or is supposed to work.

That isn’t love.

You don’t need anyone’s permission to do what is right for you. You may need someone’s input or advice, because we all have some blind spots, but in fundamental ways, we know who we are. We know our truth.

When you start making intuitive decisions, you empower yourself. In fact, you may notice that a funny thing starts happening: you may find that you have given others permission to do the same.

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